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Everyone remembers the famous Russian cartoon, where the main character's life was in jeopardy and it all depended on whether he would put the right punctuation marks in the sentence «execution impossible to grant mercy». A similar thing happened to a letter addressed by queen of England, who wrote to her husband's prisoner: "To kill Edward how dare you show fear". By the way, Edward was executed in the end…

It's not just for no reason that we've given a similar example of a sentence structure — we talk about a choice between accounting recovery and forced company liquidation. A company may become the cause of all problems due to absence of proper bookkeeping and inaccurate accounting statements. It's up to you, how to fill in the punctuation. We consider it our duty to offer a rational way out of this complex situation — accounting restoration will help you keep the company, no matter what conditions it is in.

Allent-Audit, LLC offers quite an extensive range of accounting and auditing services. Restoration of accounting for enterprises is not an exception. It is a very complex but absolutely essential type of work. Many managing directors do not even suspect they may ever need to restore accounting, while those that have already come across this issue, often prefer to get rid of problem company instead of using quality accounting services provided by experts. It's not necessary to take such extreme measures — provided you have put this business together, created an enterprise, and built its reputation.

Real experts will help you keep the firm and recover accounting records promptly and wisely, setting you free from problems and hassle. However, before you decide whether you really need these services, and whether accounting needs to be restored, you need to find out details about this issue. This is going to be helpful for both, those who have already realized inevitability of accounting recovery and those who still have doubts about it.

Examples when it's advisable to order accounting restoration services

Whether your company is stable or, vice versa, faces lots of complications with regards to fiscal bodies including document flow. Either way, one should be aware when accounting restoration is necessary for an enterprise. So, accounting restoration must be done in the following cases:

     Accounting records have not been kept

Being unaware, you didn't paid much attention to bookkeeping. In other words, there was no accounting at all. However this negligence has very serious consequences, stipulated by the Tax Code. In order to avoid sanctions, one needs to order recovery of company's accounting records. It doesn't really matter how long it has been since the start of business activity, and even if tax bodies never had any issues with you;— accounting data must be restored and directory should be built all over again.

     Accounting records have not been kept properly

At times, managing directors have no clue that accounting is in the state of a mess. Irresponsible employees may do bookkeeping for ages, making serious mistakes and violating regulations. Unfortunately, often, it's exposed only during tax inspection, when it's too late to change anything. Even if has been happening for a long period of time, thing can be changed by using services of accounting records recovery. Prompt and professional action of our specialists and quality accounting services will help you correct the errors, restore data and build up accurate directory in order to prepare all necessary statements.

     Primary documents and registers have been lost

For many different reasons, accounting documents, statements and database information may be lost or damaged. However, it's a company's duty to provide them upon first request of tax bodies. It's unwise to wait for any charges, but instead take care of accounting recovery ahead of time. This is quite a difficult task, which requires maintenance of special regulations and development of intelligent plan of actions. Professional accounting restoration requires assistance of diverse specialists that may not be available in your company. It's better to entrust accounting recovery to a professional team, that has been dealing with accounting issues for many years and knows all ins and outs of this complex procedure.

What, if…

If you decide to save, ignoring accounting restoration issues, not paying any attention to it’s the state of it, you will inevitably face the serious consequences of such negligence. Fiscal bodies have a few way of leverage to influence irresponsible entrepreneurs. Once they find out, that responsibilities have not been carried out appropriately in compliance with the law, tax bodies will chose the right tool to influence ignorant companies. As a result, having neglected accounting restoration, you will face:

  • seizure of company bank accounts;
  • you will be asked to come to tax inspection body and provide respective explanation;
  • fines and penalties;

No one has cancelled responsibility, stipulated by articles 120, 126 TC, and articles 15.6 and 15.11 CoAO, stays the same. Both company and its director may bear serious losses, which can be avoided by way of checking and correcting accounting data and statements. If you want to function on stable basis, and wish to avoid having any problems and complications with your business, take action and make sure accounting restoration is conducted by experts on time.

We are ready to provide you with these accounting services on a higher level, so that accounting restoration is an obvious step towards steady business development and achievement of your goals. Those who work with us, know how to fill in the right punctuation in the heading at the top of this material:

Restoration! Impossible to terminate.

What do You choose?