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About Company

Auditing company “Allent-Audit” has acquired an extensive client base, developing trends of auditing and accounting outsourcing since 1994 year. The experience of our company is unique. We are leading the business accounting of more than 150 companies — from small ones to large enterprises and holdings. “Allent-Audit” produces business accounting, audit and automation very qualitatively and in time.


Our employees are highly qualified specialists with great experience in the field of business accounting and audit. There are some members who work in our company “Allent-Audit” since the first days of its foundation. Every candidate for a job in “Allent-Audit” has to pass through several levels of interview and tests. “Allent-Audit” offers their customers cooperation with specialists of high professional level.


"Allent-audit” is the official partner of the company 1 C. Effective work of Automation Division in the company guaranties a coordinated work of the software and significant acceleration of accounting processes. The specificity of our work is that the value of the information itself can be ten times higher than the cost of equipment. Therefore, we do everything what is necessary to secure data, applying the most advanced methods and approaches. Such as reiterative redundancy, using different medias, cross-storage, RAID arrays, steady control and monitoring.

Flexible approach

We offer a wide range of services to the companies of different sizes. For your convenience, we also offer a variety of models of cooperation and service packages. You choose what is necessary for your company and finally pay only for what you need. The specialists of “Allent-Audit” can politely advise you and help if necessary to find a solution complied with the requirements of your business.

We are grateful for the interest shown to our company and the opportunity to acquaint you with the range of services we provide.