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Allent-Audit is the leader in professional accounting and auditing services.
We are a group of experts in professional accounting and audit service with an individual approach to each of our clients. Оffers:

Accounting services – bookkeeping, accounting restoration, full accounting assistance and service. Auditing service.

Our accounting service will cost you SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than employing accountants of your own and even less than employing one accountant! And that’s not all, the quality of service is going to be much higher as a result of having a team of experts specially qualified for this task and double control over accounting reports and paperwork. Also, the availability of professionals with specialty knowledge in defined areas (tax legislation, law, labor legislation etc.) will allow you to solve any accounting issues whilst ensuring the highest quality and minimum time spent.

Many large companies in Moscow have already сhosen us to provide accounting services, yet we are ready to offer services to small enterprises and entrepreneurs – anybody can save using our service.

How much can You save using accounting services?

Accounting service for entrepreneurs and companies with high turnovers but small amount of operations – save up to 70-80%
Accounting service for entrepreneurs and companies with small number of employees, operations and turnover – save up to 20-50%
Accounting service for companies with large number of operations and turnovers – save up to 30-50%
Accounting service for companies with large number of operations but small turnovers – save up to 10-30%
When ordering full package of accounting services, intitialy there is going to be less economy for a company however you will win it back in the future due to the fact your company will avoid fines while gaining wide range of auditing and accounting services (easy transition to any other system of taxation, easy change in amount of accounting services provided by us, quick salvation of any accounting issues, for instance changes in legislation etc.)

Over 18 years «Allent-audit» specializes in wide range of accounting services, providing professional accounting assistance and accounting services for hundreds of companies in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

Our services include:

  • Full accounting service for firms and companies;
  • BOOK-KEEPING for Limited Liability Companies, Companies and Firms;
  • Accounting assistance for enterprises and firms;
  • Restoration of accounting for companies and firms;
  • Auditing for enterprises;
  • Audit check-ups;
  • Auditing accounting reports and taxation;

Over 150 companies from small to large have entrusted us to do accounting and auditing for them. Our experts have long-term experience in accounting and auditing covering wide range of economy segments.

Our accounting services undergo strict quality control on multiple levels and correspond with latest methods. Auditing and accounting staff of "Allent-audit" is fully qualified. Several of our experts work together to serve one customer, while our main competitive advantage is the limited number of firms that are dealt with by each specialist.

"Allent-audit" guarantees quality of its accounting, auditing and taxation services, according to the contract, while bearing financial responsibility for its auditing and corresponding services. Outsourced audit significantly mitigates any fines upon tax checks and leaves you assured in positive conclusion of external and internal auditors. Having in-house accounting staff often leads to unnecessary expenses, on the other hand using external accounting service excludes the need of investing in formation of accounting staff, its training, and work space maintenance.

 We guarantee quality, confidentiality and optimal price formation.

 We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions! Tel: (499) 481-00-25, (499) 481-00-24

Today spectrum of our accounting and auditing services includes:

Accounting and Outsourcing of accounting services the way you see it:
§ Restoration impossible to terminateGrammar lesson for your business.
§ Choice of system of the taxation—— Basic taxation regime (BTR) or Simplified tax system (STS). What to choose? For the aid to the accountant and the beginning businessman.

February 27
Changes in the Federal legislation.  important

February 26
Changes in the Federal legislation.  important

February 23
About the right of the Organizations and Individual entrepreneurs to add the cash receipt with own requisites.

February 22
About taxation of personal income tax and insurance premiums of the accountable amounts for which the sent worker did not report.

February 21
About the change in address writing in invoices.

February 19
Replacing the word "premises "with the word" office " in the invoice does not deprive the right to deduct VAT.

February 16
Peculiarities of execution of payment orders for the payment of tax for another person.  important

February 12
On the granting of letters to the authorities of Rosstat with zero indicators.  important

February 9
About impossibility of application of the regime of imputed income in respect of activities on realization of vehicles.

February 8
Features of application of tax deductions on the land tax, concerning the sites which are in common property.

17 January
The definition of 18.12.2017 No. 309-KG 17-19423
About the cost of gifts
26 July
As the resolution of the Moscow district № A40-185135/16
The lack of a postcode

19 July
The decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation No. 78-АД17-19
Notification of the FMS

12 July
The decree of the Moscow district as No. Ф05-6488/2017
About "problem" banks

03 July
The resolution as far Eastern district № F03-1760/2017
About leave to care for a child

26 June
As the resolution of the Moscow district № A40-125687/2016
About VAT deductions

21 June
As the resolution of the Moscow district № A40-114424/2016
On competition and restriction of monopolistic activity on commodity markets

31 May
The decision as Ural district №F09-94/17
On the discount rate for insurance premiums

25 May
The Supreme court's determination No. 306-КГ17-2349
On the amounts of monetary rewards

23 May
The Supreme court's determination No. 302-КГ17-3832
About the lack of experience

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